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Las Flores Community Garden

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In the Beginning.  It was in a conference room at the Newbury Park Library in 1997 that the Las Flores Community Garden was born. There had been a little blurb in the local paper: People interested in starting a community garden are invited to a meeting…. Maybe a dozen people were there, led by the ever-enthusiastic Don Jacobs. How do we do this? Outline steps—right. Organic, governing body (see Robert’s Rules), city approval, find a place, water and restroom handy. Finding a place was the hardest part. Churches sometimeshave an unused piece of property. (We were thinking small then.) The city or park district might, CLU? Park district showed us some unused remnants, but they were unsuitable.

Waverly Park/equestrian area had a large piece of land that was just used for riding, but the Corral was reluctant to let these gardeners invade their space. Might spook the horses. Many, many meetings later with CRPD and prospective members, we were granted one acre to develop as a 501(c)3 membership organization with the purpose of a community garden. The garden was for self-edification and education of members and the public, including children. The park district fenced in one-half acre (we must prove ourselves before we could use the entire acre) and gave us unlimited use of their water. There was a lot of hope and trust on both sides, but LFCG was off the ground! Or rather, into the ground with our shovels and plants!  The Conejo Valley Times Gardening page is hosted by the Las Flores Community Garden. Click on an article to learn more about them and visit their website for more information on how you can “Grow with Us”.


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