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How To Sell Online Effectively

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How brick and mortar businesses sell online effectively is based on a complex set of variables including the CRM, (customer relationship management), POP, (point of purchase), inventory, and fulfillment software the businesses are utilizing. In three recent cases businesses hired us to consult them on this transition and in each case outdated technology and a large investment in CRM or website development actually prevented their ability to move forward. In the first case the client’s fulfillment house had no e-commerce clients so they weren’t setup to handle automation for orders and returns. In the second case the client had spent more than $10,000 on a website that didn’t function

properly. But the third case was the most frustrating. The back office software didn’t integrate with e-commerce, the staff didn’t use the CRM at all because it was so cumbersome and only one person knew the fulfillment software and he wasn’t giving it up. With some customization we were able to complete the job with the first retailer. But with the second client refusing to rebuild a website that didn’t work we were stuck. And in the third case the client had spent tens of thousands of dollars in outdated software and wasn’t ready to start again. So in the latter two cases we had to disengage.

In my next post we’ll discuss different solutions and the questions you need to ask before investing in an e-commerce solution.

(3rd Place Media, 3PM, has more than ten years of advanced e-commerce experience. 3PM built and managed the B2B and B2C ecommerce program for all of the artists signed by Wind Up Records and designed and managed online store programs for BET, Radio One, actor Shemar Moore, and a host of nationally recognized brands. 3PM is located outside of Los Angeles and manages digital assets for companies, groups and individuals nationwide.)



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